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Africa Productivity Specialists (APS) was established to achieve perhaps one of the most fulfilling tasks any African individual or organization can embark on - to magnify Africa’s greatness in the eyes of its people. APS is an Operations and Productivity Improvement company established to implement the Productivity Agenda for Africa using Productivity 4.0 solutions.

Africa Productivity Specialists has created the platform for continental integration and deeper economic co-operation among the tech-savvy African youth. We coordinate the mass collaboration to facilitate cross-border investment and trade, common economic systems and productivity standards. We apply technology to transcend physical borders and allow all Africans to contribute to a common vision.

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It is our business to make it our business to ensure that as many persons partake in the productivity improvement process on the African continent using Productivity 4.0 solutions.


To promote the mainstreaming of continuous productivity improvement across all economic sectors in Africa.


We have established the continental and regional infrastructure to drive and coordinate the productivity movement in Africa. This involves initiating and implementing projects that demonstrate the use of productivity approaches, techniques, tools and processes. These efforts are underpinned by the need to establish new National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) and strengthen the existing ones to enable them to efficiently coordinate productivity improvement at a national level. APS is engaged in creating competitive NPOs that will supply the skilled workforce capable of implementing Agenda 2063.

We have started with the operational framework of a SADC regional productivity body, devoting particular attention to enhance productivity in agriculture, education and healthcare, these being the most critical sectors of the society.


We employ Productivity 4.0, an implementation solution that uses the powerful enabling technologies of artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and mobile apps plus other advances in technological innovation to improve African lives and to sustain gains in efficiency and productivity. This system extends the impact of digitization so that we are able to collectively and individually ensure that many Africans benefit. With nearly a billion Africans connected by mobile devices, this combined astonishing processing power, storage capacity, and access to knowledge presents unlimited avenues for African mass collaboration.


Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution will transform society fundamentally as technological breakthroughs in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, 3D printing, nanotechnology, energy production and storage, and quantum computing etc. will work in concert. It will create new marketplaces for products as well as enable access to existing marketplaces. Africa Productivity Specialists is taking advantage of the fourth industrial revolution by climbing aboard and riding that wave to a brave new future for Africa. Otherwise if we fail to adapt, we will simply be consumers of goods and services provided by the countries that master fourth revolution technologies. With the advent of industry 4.0, we will transform the energy sector, agriculture sector and ICT infrastructure in order to maximize the quality of life of the African population.

Blockchain Technology

Block chain technology is a decentralized global network of computers that jointly manage a database (s) using cryptography. Blockchain technology is radically reshaping society and the economy by enables us to redesign structures and re-conceptualize how we organize every aspect of society, economy and technology infrastructure.

Blockchain has a built-in robustness and cannot be controlled by any single entity but provides a self-auditing ecosystem with no single point of failure, which ensures the highest degree of accountability and eliminates corruption. This technology created a platform for mass collaboration that can be used to form continental networks without centralization. It strengthens capacity for cooperation and collaboration between institutions and countries.

Blockchain technology provides full transparency to elections and any other poll taking; tracks the movement of goods, their origin and quantity etc. in Supply chain management; eliminates human error and protects data from tampering in accounting; eliminates fraud in voting; enables different healthcare service providers to collaborate around the patient’s needs.

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